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Finding a car wrecker/dismantler in Christchurch or its associate local regions who can wreck your old, damage, scrap car and give you cash for it? Looking for professional car wreckers service in Christchurch? Then choose your car dismantlers very wisely. Auto dismantlers christchurch are the answer to all your questions related to car/truck dismantling. We buy cars for wrecking and dismantling purpose and we pay top dollars to car owners.

Your Car will be Dismantled Properly

We take the disposal and dismantling of the car very seriously. We de-pollute and dismantle the vehicle in accordance with the strict guidelines. You can be rest assured that whenever you sell your scrap car to Canterbury Wreckers, it will be recycled correctly and legally. You can be sure of the fact that every used/damaged/accidental/junk/scrap car is properly dismantled.

Car/Truck Dismantling

Every vehicle is de-polluted, removing all the important spare parts, acid containing parts like batteries fluids to reduce the negative environmental impact. Auto parts are removed from the vehicle.  Dismantled vehicles are stored on the concrete surface until they are crushed. Important parts are sold off and unwanted parts are picked off and sent to the shredder. The remaining vehicle is then crushed and dismantled.

The Local Dismantlers: Canterbury Wreckers

At Canterbury wreckers, we dismantle every possible vehicle (cars, trucks, SUVs) in the best way using the appropriate tools to minimize our environmental impact. We collect cars from all over the Christchurch, Ashburton, Greymouth, Queenstown, Timaru etc. We are having yards in all these places and we are doing the car removal and dismantling business all around 360 degrees.

Call Us Anytime

If you would like to know more about the car removal and its dismantling efficiently, you can always reach at Canterbury wreckers.  We are always there to help you out. You can either visit our website or get the free quote from there or you can go for the online chatting option. You can call us anytime at 0800 110 183.


Yes, we collect all the cars/vehicle free of charge. There are no hiddren charges or cost involved.

No, there is no towing or pick cost involved. It’s a 100% free service

We always try to reach to you asap. But on average it usually takes, within 24-48 working hours.

Yes, you are protected by the Canterbury Wreckers. Your payment is safe and guaranteed.

Yes. We are able to remove abandoned vehicles throughout Christchurch.

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