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Canterbury Wreckers are committed to providing the best used and aftermarket Ford parts, along with outstanding customer service and unbeatable prices. We have the best and the cheapest price among the regular competitive market.  We know that you have choices when it comes to buying and reselling automobile parts, we appreciate the opportunity serve you. When your car isn’t as productive as it could be, we know that you want to get rid of it.


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We’re car people who genuinely care about your car as you care about your car. Our team will ensure that not only do you receive quality parts, but that you get these at quality prices. Come and see for yourself about the parts that we get after dismantling the vehicle.  When you come to us with your car parts needs, we’ll treat you with respect, dignity and will show you the best quality parts that you can get for your car. We won’t worry you with unnecessary expenses giving you the sky rising prices.

Great Price, Excellent Service

We have a network of highly competitive registered car dismantlers and we will try to match or beat any price for your scrap car. You will get the great price, excellent service, and the car is disposed of correctly. You will not find the type and amount of cash that we give you for your scarp ford car/truck. We are always there to help you in any condition.

We Dismantle Almost all Models of Ford

We take all the makes and models of all the Ford cars/trucks and SUVs. We are not biased or partial towards any of the vehicle. We dismantle all the models without looking the condition. We can go for dismantling of these Ford models:


Canterbury Wreckers can help you with car removals in entire Christchurch. Car removals are available in all the suburbs of Christchurch. We always try to remain quite close to you so that we could serve you well

You should leave the sticker in the front screen. This will help us to know that the vehicle is registered. Later, the team members and the washing guys will remove it from the main front glass.

To check the status of your sale, log into your account, or call one of our customer service representatives at our toll free number. We are always there to help you with the car removal protocols and procedures.

We will leave these with you. Return them to any automobile centre. Once you return these number plates to the AA centers, you will receive a registration refund.

Don’t worry about it. We provide all the paperwork transferring ownership and making the sale totally legal for you ensuring your satisfaction.

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