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Leading Truck Wreckers in Christchurch

We are the truck removal specialists in Christchurch. We tow away trucks of all possible brands and give you good price for the same. Our team will help in determining the genuine valuation for your truck and will fill your pockets via towing away the scrap truck. We also deal in European, Japanese, Malaysian and Korean trucks.


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Collection and Free Towing Services for Truck

First of all, we need to know the condition of your truck; accordingly we could tell you the price of the truck.  You can visit our website of Canterbury Car Wreckers and get free quote. Tell the condition of your truck to our auto appraisers by online chatting or by calling our number 0800 110 183.  Our team will come to your place to collect the truck and tow it away. The collection responsibility headache will be ours.

Highest Cash for Your Truck

We pay the highest cash-price for your truck. The price will totally depend on the condition. Better the condition of your truck of any brand, the more prices you will get for your truck. You can get the highest cash possible for your truck removal via Truck Wreckers Christchurch. You will not get the price of the damaged, dull and scrap truck that we can offer you. We always try to give you the best.

Old/ Damaged/ Used Truck Removals Christchurch

Canterbury Wreckers is the most popular and reliable truck removing company where you can get a free quote for the damaged, broken, junk, scrap or accidental trucks and we buy every condition and brands. We have detailed knowledge and information about trucks. So, if you are looking for removal of any to all brand truck in Christchurch, then you are free to call us anytime 24*7.

Top Truck Removals Serving Christchurch 24*7

Looking for removal of your old rusty Grandpa’s truck? You can contact us anytime to ask us about the actual worth of your truck. Fill us in with the estimated condition of your truck and we will give you the estimated money that you can get for your truck. Our team will come to your place to evaluate the present condition of your truck that you have mentioned over the phone. Our services are covering entire Christchurch. So, if you are looking for same day truck removal services in Christchurch then you are free to call us at 0800 110 183 anytime.


Yes, all impound fees must be paid/processed prior to the picking up your vehicle. It must be in your knowledge that we do not pay any impound fees.

No, your truck doesn’t need to be running. It doesn’t even need to have wheels! You will be surprised how much we pay for end of life trucks. To get a free quote you can call us at our phone number 0800110183

In most of the cases, you do not need to be present. You just need to leave the keys of the garage and you can go for your normal routine

We pay at the time of pickup in the form of cash. If the vehicle is in your name and you have photo ID we will pay with a cheque, which is cashable at any national bank with presentation of a photo ID. If the vehicle is not in your name or you do not have photo ID then we will pay you with a cheque made out to your name that you should bank.

We have instant cash quote forms on their websites or a number that you can call the company directly for a cash quote. We provide truck owners with cash quotes over the phone and online.

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