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Are you looking for the car wrecking services in Ashburton, then contact us today. We offer car removal, car wrecking, car dismantling, auto parts dealing and car salvaging services in entire Ashburton. You can call us anytime during day and night to avail these services and we are there to help you. We are taking all the makes and models of all the possible car brand models. We are here to help you out in any difficulty related to car removal. Or staff will not only guide you throughout the entire car removal process but also help you in major platforms like helping out in paperwork and towing of car into the loading/towing trucks. Visit our website today to check all the services provided by us and get a instant online free quote for your car. You can call at our registered number 0800 735 569.

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Canterbury Wreckers always try to give you services round the clock. We want to help you out with car removal services 24*7. We are open throughout the week and on the Sundays too.

We offer all the car removal services that are trendy these days. We offer car removal, car wrecking, car dismantling, car salvaging services in entire Ashburton.

Our online quotes are guaranteed for 7 days. After 7 days you can again get the free quote by telling your vehicle details on our website. Instant quotes may change with metal prices and time

If you are not able to provide your Photo I.D at the time of car removal you could always ask a family member to be present with their Photo I.D and their Address proof.

Contact us immediately so that we can cancel your booking. By accepting a quote you will be entering into a contract, similar to any other online auction. As long as you give us adequate notice for cancellation via email or phone, your quote will be followed.

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