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Are you tired of keeping an unwanted car and wants to rid off it permanently?  Selling an unwanted car at a fair price needs a lot of effort and will cause you unlimited discomfort. We are the leading car removal company in Christchurch. To sell your unwanted car in an easy way, you just need to contact us. We have a systematic manner to work. Our auto appraisers will ask you a couple of questions regarding your unwanted vehicle. Once we are over with questioning and getting all the necessary details about your car, they will quote you the value of your car accordingly.

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Cash For Unwanted Car/Truck/SUV Removal Christchurch

We offer good quotes on unwanted cars. To sell your unwanted car in a easy way, If you have accepted the offer made on your vehicle, you give our haulers a time they can come by to your place and tow your unwanted vehicle and give you money.

Removal of Unwanted Car/Truck/SUV

Our professional team/staff will go to the given location to collect your unwanted vehicle. We manage the free pick up of your damaged scrap vehicle and junk car removal on the given date and time as promised over the phone.  We will keep all the paperwork and documents ready by our team to your place so all you have to do is sign a paper to hand over the ownership and get paid. Our paying method is fast and reliable.

We are Leading Car Removal Christchurch

Whether it is scraped, junk, damaged, second hand, old, rusty we take it all. We are the prominent and promising dealers in damaged free car removal services.  Our services are open and will be available 24*7. We are able to put cash in your pocket, even if your vehicle is rusted out, broken in pieces and appears to be completely useless. We pay top cash in entire Christchurch for that useless vehicle. We are the leading auto dismantlers in Christchurch.


Yes, we remove the vehicles off the highways. You need to inform us about the Highway name and send us the exact location where you are, or where you may have found the car.

We also do the recycling of all the scarp cars that come to our yard. The cars which are not of further use, we crush them and recycle them.

No. We will tow away your car for free for further recycling process. You do not have to take this headache of coming to us.

We do recycling for the Mother Nature. Earth requires proper recycling of all the metals.  Recycling is not only a profitable business for the scarp car dealers but it also contributes a lot to the environment.

We recycle almost each and every type of vehicle. We recycle all the models of cars, trucks, SUVs etc. We also recycle small vehicles.

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