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Ford Car Wreckers in Christchurch


Want to get rid of the scrap Ford car? What are the make, model and condition of the unwanted Ford car? Depending on the condition of your car, we will offer you different prices. For good condition car/SUV we can give cash up to $8999 on the spot. You do not need to worry because you will be paid hand to hand. We have gained a lot of experience in this car wreckers industry. Our prices are competitive and unbeatable if you want to compare it with the ongoing market wrecking price.

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#1 Car Wreckers in Christchurch, Specialise in Ford

We take all the makes and models of all the Ford cars/trucks and SUVs. We are not biased or partial towards any vehicle. We are wrecking all the models without looking the condition. We can go for wrecking of these Ford models:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Figo
  • Ford Freestyle
  • Ford Aspire
  • Ford Endeavour
  • Ford Ecosport

Ford Car Wreckers

Vehicle wrecking of Ford wreckers is an easy process. You can get a free instant quote from us. Contact us on our phone number or do the online chatting with us or mail us at our official mail ID. If what you describe to us is what we see when we collect your Ford vehicle, then we will absolutely guarantee our price. There is no doubt that you will get what you are promised.  To get a quote, call our friendly team on the registered or given number on our website. Ford wreckers are happy to help you.

Whatever You Quote, You Will Get

Canterbury Wreckers will give you the exact and actual worth of your wrecked Ford car. There are no hidden costs. The price you will get over the quote is the price you will receive. We do feel that this open and honest approach works best for you. You will get whatever you are promised over the phone. We won’t surprise you with the extra and hidden costs of towing and pick up of your vehicle.

Canterbury Wreckers Will Collect Your Car for Free

Our instant online quote includes 100% free collection of your scrap car from your given location. The collection of your scrap car can be from your home, workplace or somewhere else. The location does not matter till we can approach the vehicle.

Ford Wreckers Christchurch

We will buy any scrap or any end of life vehicle, even those of low value. There are many car wrecking companies which do not take vehicles of specific models or brands. We can take all those vehicles that other companies won’t take. You can send or ask us to wreck any number of scrap cars. We are also leading company in Suzuki Wreckers in Christchurch.


Yes, we will consider your car, just give us a call at 0800110183 and we can pick it up and tow it to the scrap yard for you.

We work with many people during this difficult time of selling the dead cars.  If they have vehicles, we can pick them up at a convenient time for you. All you have to do is get a free quote or call us at 0800110183

No, we do not cover Auckland. But, we are trying to extend our lengths to cover Auckland in future.

We remove all kinds of cars, regardless of their make, model, age or condition. Whether you own a wrecked Toyota, damaged Ford, accident Nissan, scrap Subaru, salvaged BMW, fire-harmed Proton, flooded Kia, rusted out Suzuki, dented Hyundai, or something else, we will make you an instant cash offer.

Canterbury Wreckers always try to give you services round the clock. We want to help you out with the auto parts purchasing and selling 24*7. We are open from 9am to 8 pm throughout the week and 9am to 4pm on the Sundays of the month.

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