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By agreeing to the terms and conditions, customer is agreeing to abide by the rules and terms given as per the policy. We reserve the rights for not involving and indulging in the legal disputes. It is solely the responsibility of user to check these Terms periodically and ask us regarding any query. Terms and conditions of any firm relates with the legal agreement between the company and the users. They maintain healthy and dispute free relationship between us and act as mediators to grow healthy in our relation by preventing a havoc or third party beneficiary rights.  

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Guest Users

The website is open for all the users who do not have account on our website and do not use our services till yet. These type of users are able to browse and use the service but as they are not having the account, they cannot have the full access to the account. The benefit of all the guest users changes time to time as you have to have an account on our website. This will help you in accessing all the services throughout the year without any problem.

Age/ Eligibility requirements

This website is only available only for those who are eighteen (18) years of age or older than that. Persons below 18 years of age are not permitted to use the Websites without the permission of their parents/guardians. We forbid the use of this website for the following users:

General Agreement

The agreement is taken care of by the laws of Christchurch. We always stand by the laws of the country and state laws that are impounded on us. We are abiding and running by the laws and you also have no role in violation of these laws.

You may access the website or the services, once you are the user, or as the guest however. We are respecting the time of our guest user on our website. Canterbury Wreckers will terminate your access to our website if you are caught linked with any of wrong activities or deeds that are against the law and policies of our website.  We are free to terminate, alter, upgrade, and improve the services provided by us. By accepting these rights you are legally bound to these Terms and have to function accordingly.

Third party involvement

We are not responsible if you are engaging with the third party, agreeing onto their promises or relying on the services told by them. We are not responsible for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or services promised in connection with the third party. We do not appreciate any communication or connections with them. Please read carefully all agreements, order forms and commitments you enter into with a Third Party for their services.


It is provided so that people should understand our website along with our service and should not confuse us with someone else.  All the content in the Canterbury Wreckers is our sole property and not copied from any other source, but truly indicates uniqueness. The name as well as the logo is the sole exclusive trademark of our company and we are holding ourselves responsible for creating it.

Service use

Customers think that the website serves as a digital platform where Sellers and Buyers meet and enter into agreements and negotiations, so the website becomes a sophisticated legal platform for negotiations. We are not holding us responsible in the activities you engage in with or any communications you have with Buyers. We use the technology and techniques such as insurance to confirm the verification and personal information as given by the customer. So, we have no control over the quality, safety, or legal aspects of any sale that may be initiated through use of the Website or Services.  We may use your information and share your details with our legal consultants and market peers in statistical analytics and research analysis as we have discussed in Privacy Policy.  Kindly contact us while you sense that your account is subjected to any unauthorized use or any other fissure of security. You are authorized to use our website once you fill us up with your accurate credentials and agree with all Terms.

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