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We are leading independent Christchurch vehicle parts supplier and wholesaler. We also offer the expensive range of specialist automotive tools. We offer complete removal and salvaging all the dull, damaged and broken spare parts. We have been involved in the Christchurch automotive industry for over a decade and still are ruling. We are the No. 1 car wreckers  in Christchurch pride ourselves on providing the best advice about the auto spare parts, friendly service and quality parts at competitive prices monitors our competitors’ prices, allowing us to beat their offers. The extensive network allows us to know about the competitive price better around nationwide. Our team delivers the auto parts throughout Christchurch in one hour, two hour, and three hour delivery options. This means less delay in the auto parts delivery for our regular trade customers.

We offer the best cash for unwanted cars, scrap cars, used cars, etc. We do not care about the model or make or documents of the car. With the help of skilled car removal experts, we can provide you with the highest appraisal for your junk and old car. We do the car removal and car wrecking really fast. You can contact us and we will give you a free price quote right on the call or on the online chatting. We have zero complain rate and the best service around entire Christchurch. We always ensure that all of our clients receive only the best service from us.

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Yes, we do cover the areas other than Christchurch. We collect cars from all over the Christchurch and its immediate suburbs like Ashburton, Greymouth, Queenstown, Timaru etc. We also include the suburbs of these cities and provinces.

We can assist you straight away in your purchasing or car removal. Our auto appraisers will tell you about the worth of your car. They will show you the path where you can take a fare decision.

We can remove every kind of vehicle, whether it is a car, ute, van, truck, tractor, motorbike or farm machinery. You can call our team to give the exact details about your vehicle and we are there to remove it. Also, you can give the info on free quote about your vehicle online.

If what you describe exactly the same condition to us, then we will absolutely guarantee our price. There is no doubt that you will get what you are promised.  To get a quote, call our friendly team on the registered or given number on our website. We are happy to help you.

No, we do not send anyone to inspect your vehicle prior to pickup. We do not come to your place to see the condition of the car. Our team will arrive on the same day of pick up and will pay you accordingly. For vehicles with higher offers, we request photo verification of the vehicle prior to the sale to ensure that the state condition is accurate.

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